Hand-to-hand Combat at Migyaung-Ye Town (As Related by Maj. Shan Lone, OBE, MC)

(The battle at Migyaung-Ye took place in the chaotic days when the British were desperately scrambling to withdraw from Burma, after the Japanese army successfully penetrated its defenses through the Moulmein/Mergui front. The British, expecting the Japanese invasion to come farther north through Southern Shan States, had been caught completely off-guard. Maj. Shan Lone was […]

Jinghpaw Prat & Lahpai Zau Bawm

The Jinghpaw Prat or Jinghpaw Times, was the first independently published newspaper in the Kachin language. The only other Kachin periodical published prior to it was the monthly Jinghpaw Shi Laika (Jinghpaw News) that came out in 1914. Published by the Jinghpaw Baptist Mission Society, it dealt mostly with church news and religious and social […]