Battles Rage as NCCT Meets UPWC in Yangon

As Ethnic Armed Organizations’ (EAO) Nationwide Ceasefire Coordination Team (NCCT) meets Burmese government’s Union Peace-making Work Committee (UPWC) for a five-day meeting beginning Tuesday, March 17, battles continue to rage in ethnic areas in northeastern Burma. Kachin Independence Army’s (KIA) 9th Battalion troops on Thursday fought against an unknown Burmese Army unit at a location […]

Burmese Army Attacks Precede Scheduled Peace Talks

Burmese Army launched a series of attacks seizing three KIA front line posts just days before the scheduled peace talks between Ethnic Armed Groups’ Nationwide Ceasefire Coordination Team (NCCT) and Burmese government’s Union Peace-making Work Committee (UPWC) in Yangon, the former capital of Burma. Burmese army’s 225th Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) troops on Tuesday launched […]