Transforming Societies in Myanmar: The Dynamics of Conflict and Cooperation

By Lahpai Seng Raw Saturday, February 15, 2014 (Excerpts from the keynote address given at the Asia Pacific Sociological Association Conference, Chiangmai University, on February 15, 2014; reformatted and edited in part) Ethnic Relations With regard to how the Bamars – the ethnic majority group – view ethnic minorities, a couple of quotes I found, […]

Ethnic Armed Organizations – Union Peace-Making Work Committee Meeting Concluded in Myitkyina

By KLN Nov 5, 2013 The first meeting ever between Ethnic Armed Organizations and Burmese government’s Union Peace-Making Work Committee after Burma gained her independence from Britain concluded today at Majoi hall in Myitkyina, capital of the Kachin State. Burma’s first ever meeting brings together the largest numbers of ethnic armed organizations that have been […]