Transformation of an Entrenched Political System: The Need for International Responsibility in Myanmar

Photo by Hkun Li In January 2009, Haruki Murakami received the Jerusalem Prize, a biennial literary award given to writers whose work deals with themes of human freedom, society, politics and government. In his acceptance speech Murakami spoke of the “System” which oppresses us.  He said: “Each of us possesses a tangible living soul. The […]

Battles Rage in Kachin State

In eastern Kachin state, a battle took place between KIA’s 7th Battalion troops and Burmese army troops at Shara Rum post in Sumprabum Township on Jan 16 at 5 pm. The battle lasted for about an hour. On Jan 18, KIA’s 7th Battalion troops and Burmese army’s 138th Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) troops engaged in […]