Kachin battles intensified as more government’s reinforcements arrived

Local Kachin residents say Burmese army is continuously pounding villages and KIA posts with heavy artillery shells. Burmese government continued to reinforce its frontline posts by sending more combat soldiers, ammunition and other necessary supplies to continue combat operations in Kachin region. Local residents in Kamaing, Gauri and Nam Sheng said they saw continuous flow […]

Laiza residents dance to “Gangnam Style”

Laiza residents bust out their moves to South Korean musician PSY’s pop hit “Gangnam Style” at Laiza’s Manau compound on Nov 19. Kachin civilians exhausted by constant fighting and bombings near Kachin administrative capital danced to “Oo Pa Gangnam Style” as music began.  The evening event was organized by Kachin Independence Woman Association (KIWA).

37 Kachin communities and organizations around the world urge President Obama to stand for American values and principles

The Kachin Alliance, representatives of the Kachin community in the US, send a letter to President Obama on November 15, 2012. The letter was endorsed by 22 Kachin communities in United States and 15 other Kachin organizations and communities around the world. The letter said visiting the country at this juncture might provide legitimacy to a […]

A combined Kachin and Shan troops fought against Burmese government army in northern Shan State

Burmese government army has been continually sending more troops to Kachin areas in preparation for more offensive battles, said a local KLN source. Burmese army’s heavy artillery shells, including 105mm, continue to pound KIO controlled areas. On Nov 6, KIA’s 34th Battalion together with Shan State Army (North) fought against a combined force of Burmese […]