SAC shelling kills at least 29 civilians

SAC’s shelling has killed at least 29 and wounded 56 civilians in Laiza on Monday at around midnight, KIO officials said. 

At least 13 children and several IDPs who had fled homes and taken refuge in Mung Lai Hket IDP Camp were among those killed in the attack. Initial reports said 56 civilians were taken to the Laiza hospital. The death toll is expected to rise further as rescuers scramble to remove bodies from rubble and many victims still going through critical conditions. 

SAC forces indiscriminately fired several artillery rounds beginning 11 pm on Mung Lai Hkyet IDP camp and residential area in Laiza killing several people that I know and some are still buried in the rubble, said a Laiza resident. 

Since early this month, SAC stepped up its attacks against KIA positions around Laiza area. On Oct 2-3, SAC troops stationed at Kagam Bum and Hka Ya Bum fired several rounds of 105 mm, 120mm, 122 mm and 81 mm mortors on KIA positions near Laiza. 2 fighter jets bombed KIA positions at Lai Lum Awng Ja and Bum Noi Bum on Oct 4.