KIA troops attack SAC’s 45th LIB troops at Mahkaw Hkyet

KIA’s 36th Battalion troops attacked SAC’s 45th LIB troops at Mahkaw Hkyet, located between Nam Tau and Kawng Hka in Muse township, on Aug 27 at 12:35 p.m. KIA sources said about 50 SAC soldiers from 45th LIB were traveling from Shwi Buk Kawng Hka when KIA troops attacked them at Mahkaw Hkyet. At least 4 SAC soldiers were injured during the attack, reported KIA sources.

On the same day, about 150 SAC soldiers from 99th LID have arrived at a school in Hpau Jung Pa and about 40 SAC soldiers have arrived in Kawng Dap village.

Battles continue between MNDAA’s 29th Battalion troops and about 200 soldiers from SAC’s 99th LID near Nawng Hpai village on Aug 27 at 3:40 p.m. During the battle, SAC troops based at Hpawng Seng fired multiple mortar rounds on MNDAA positions.

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