SAC soldiers quartered in religious compounds

About 70 soldiers from SAC’s 320th LIR based at Myo Tit have arrived and quartered in Kung Law Kachin Baptist Church compound on July 20.

Last week in Hpakant township, SAC troops occupied Kachin Baptist Church’s prayer hill at Hkum Tsai Zup and about 40 SAC soldiers occupied Seng Hpra Kachin Baptist Church’s prayer mountain.

In northern Shan State, about 100 SAC soldiers from 99th LID arrived and quartered at Man Nyu village’s monastery in Muse township on July 18. Those 99th LID soldiers were stationed at Maw Tawng village’s monastery the day before.
SAC soldiers used 4 civilian vans equipped for transporting deceased persons to travel between Kutkai and 105 Mile on July 18.

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