TNLA troops kill a 42-year-old U Mang villager

Pausa Ma Hte, 42-year-old U Mang villager, was killed by TNLA troops in Manton township on May 11. A local resident said TNLA troops didn’t even return the body of Pausa Ma Hte to his family members, they instead burned and hid the body.

TNLA troops in a drug eradication operation arrested 10 U Mang villagers on May 9. Pausa Ma Hte was among them and killed during detention.

This is the third incident of local Kachin villagers being killed by TNLA troops under the pretense of drug eradication since 2016.

Lahpai Zau Ring of Manton was killed by TNLA troops in 2016 and Nhkum Gam Awng of Yawng Bang village was killed in 2018.

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