Airstrikes, artillery shellings and ground battles continue unabated

SAC’s fighter jets attacked Salawng Kawng and its surrounding area with 5 airstrikes on May 6.

Two fighter jets began bombing Salawng Kawng at 11:55 am. A lone fighter then came and fired missiles at 1:05 pm. A pair of fighter jets dropped bombs and fired missiles at 2:13 pm and again at 4:56 pm. A lone fighter made final sortie for the day by dropping bombs at 5:27 pm.

The ground battles around Salawng Kawng began at 4:30 am till 5 pm.

SAC’s Momauk-based 370th Artillery Battalion fired 14 rounds of 122 mm mortars at KIA’s 25th Battalion positions at 9:30 am, and 1 round at 6:23 pm.

SAC’s airstrikes on Salawng Kawng has begun since April 24 in its attempts to occupy the area and recapture the Alaw Bum. But SAC’s efforts which include airstrikes, artillery shellings and ground attacks by infantry units have failed so far because of endurance and tenacity of KIA troops.

In Sumprabum township, KIA’s 4th Battalion troops attacked SAC’s base at Mile-16 on May 6 at 4:40 am.

In northern Shan state, KIA’s 39th Battalion troops and SAC troops encountered at Man Pin on May 6 at 5:30 am. The two sides fought again after SAC’s reinforcements came from Theinni at 9:05 am.