Battles rage across Kachin region as daily air raids on Salawng Kawng

SAC’s fighter jets conducted 5 airstrikes on Salawng Kawng on May 5 as its bases continued artillery shellings.

2 fighter jets dropped bombs on Salawng Kawng and its surrounding area in 2 sorties beginning 2:20 pm. A lone fighter jet later came in 2 sorties dropping bombs beginning 8:35 pm. A fighter jet flew over KIA’s 30th Battalion positions and dropped 2 bombs at 7:10 pm.

On the same day, SAC’s Momauk-based 370th Artillery Battalion fired sevaral 122 mm mortar rounds on KIA’s 25th Battalion positions at 10 am, and another 6 rounds at 8:10 pm.

SAC’s 438th LIR troops fired several 60 mm mortar rounds on Num Lang village beginning 12:10 pm.

KIO’s spokeperson Col Naw Bu told KLN that more reinforcements are coming for SAC troops and battles will likely intensify at Salawng Kawng for its strategic position overseeing Myotit and Kung Law and a microwave tower is located, and it lied on the path for SAC’s attempt to recapture Alaw Bum which was overrun by KIA troops on March 25.

In Myitkyina township, KIA’s 11th Battalion troops attacked SAC military convoy traveling from 3rd MOC on the road between Lambraw Yang and Kyauk Taung on May 5 at 8:37 am.

In Danai township, KIA’s 14th Battalion troops attacked SAC’s 74th LIB base at Nam Hkam village’s jetty with 4 rounds of 82 mm mortars on the same day at 2 pm.

In Bhamo township, KIA’s 19th Battalion troops attacked SAC’s tranport airplane at Bhamo airport with 107 mm rockets at around 2:10 pm.

In Putao township, KIA’s 7th Battalion troops attacked SAC’s 137th LIB base at Hpung Chyan on May 4 at 9:20 pm.

In northern Shan state, KIA’s 39th Battalion troops and SAC’s 242nd LIB troops encountered at Nam Ba Hkyi in Kutkai township on May 5 at 4:50 pm.