Skirmishes took place in Momauk, Mansi, Danai and Kamaing townships

Battles continue to rage between KIA and SAC troops in Momauk township as SAC’s reinforcements keep coming to the area. On May 3 alone, SAC’s Chinese-made Yunshuji-8 transport aircraft reportedly made 10 trips to Bhamo airport to transport military equipment and infantry soldiers to Kachin frontline.

Fighting at Salawng Kawng and its surrounding area began at 8:30 am on May 3.

KIA’s 19th Battalion troops attacked SAC’s 387th LIR troops based at Pan Tsun Post on the same day at 6:30 pm.

SAC’s 142nd LIR troops based at Daw Hpum Yang fired several random .5 caliber machine guns rounds and 60 mm mortars at its surrounding area at 7:45 pm.

Alen Kawng-based SAC troops fired with 5 rounds of 122 mm mortars at 9:35 am and 13 rounds at 10:20 am on KIA’s 25th Battalion positions.

KIA troops under 3rd Brigade attacked SAC’s 437th LIR base at Momauk with 3 rounds of 107 mm mortars at 2:35 am and 5 rounds at 2:52 pm.

Momauk-based 370th Artillery Battalion fired 3 rounds of 122 mm mortars on KIA’s 25th Battalion positions at 10:30 pm.

In Mansi township, KIA’s 1st Battalion troops attacked SAC’s 319th LIR base and Mansi police base on May 3 at 8:15 pm. KIA troops fired 8 rounds of 82 mm mortars at 319th LIR base.

SAC’s 601st LIR troops and 319th LIR troops from their bases randomly fired 10 rounds of 60 mm mortars at outskirts of Mansi and Nazaret village on the same day at 8:15 pm

In Danai township, KIA’s 14th Battalion attacked SAC’s 74th LIR troops based at Nam Hkam village with 4 rounds of 82 mm mortars on May 3 at 5:15 pm.

In Kamaing township, KIA’s 44th Battalion troops and about 65 SAC troops encountered at Mashi Kahtawng on May 3 at 10:30 am. During the battle, SAC troops based at Nam Mya fired 2 artillery rounds on KIA troops.

On the same day, KIA troops under 8th Brigade attacked Nawng Kai-based SAC’s Artillery Battalion, located between Monyin and 10-Mile, with 3 rounds of 107 mm mortars at 9:45 am.


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