Air raids and artillery fires show no sign of abating in Momauk

Air raids and artillery fires continue unabated as KIA and SAC troops battled on the ground in Salawng Kawng and its surrounding area on May 2.

3 SAC’s fighter jets dropped bombs and fired missiles at KIA positions around Salawng Kawng on May 2 at 4:55 pm.

SAC’s Myo Tit-based 320th LIR, Num Lang-based 438th LIR, Kung Law-based 387th LIR and Ma Hkoi-based 366th Artillery Battalion fired several artillery rounds on Salawng Kawng and its surrounding area beginning May 1 at 8 pm to May 2 at 5 am.

SAC troops based at Alen Kawng fired 2 rounds of 122 mm mortars on KIA’s 25th Battalion’s frontline positions on May 2 at 9:25 am.

In Shwegu township, KIA troops from 8th Brigade attacked two ships carrying SAC soldiers from Katha at Ye Ni on May 2 at 3 pm. One ship was reportedly hit by mortar fire and another ship returned to Katha, said a KIA officer.

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