Airstrikes continue as battles rage in Sadung, Hpakant, Monyin and Momauk townships

SAC’s fighter jets made six sorties to bomb KIA troops at Tang Gau prayer mountain and KIA’s 9th Brigade headquarters in Hpakant township on April 19. A fighter jet dropped 2 bombs at 9:23 am, 2 bombs at 11:12 am, and 1 bomb at 11:23 am. Two fighter jets dropped bombs and fired missiles on KIA’s 9th Brigade headquarters at 1:33 pm. At 2:55 pm, two attack helicopters and a fighter jet hovered over Tang Gau prayer mountain. And at 5:03 pm, two fighter jets bombed and fired missiles again on KIA’s positions around Tang Gau Bum.

Earlier on the same day, KIA troops under 9th Brigade and SAC’s 76th LIB, under 33rd LID, troops engaged in a series of battles at Tang Gau prayer mountain and Masa Tu Kawng at 5:53 am and KIA troops overrun Tang Gau prayer mountain at around 6:40 am.

In Momauk township, KIA’s 3rd Battalion troops attacked and seized SAC 389th LIB’s Lagat Kawng post on April 19 at 11:30 am.

On the same day, KIA’s 3rd Battalion troops attacked a SAC’s police base at Sadung at 3 pm.

Sadung Bum-based SAC’s 365th Artillery Battalion fired several artillery round on KIA’s 3rd Battalion positions at 6:30 pm.

KIA’s 24th Battalion troops attacked SAC troops patrolling near Wa Nyeng village in Momauk township at 3:40 pm.

In Monyin township, KIA troops under 8th Brigade attacked a SAC’s military convoy traveling from Monyin at a location near Nam Ma on April 19 at 9:30 am. Similarly at around 11 am, KIA troops attacked two SAC’s military trucks traveling from Nam Ma to Myitkyina.

KIA’s 5th Battalion troops and SAC’s 385th LIR troops encountered at a location between Si Sak and Pang Hkawn Yang on the same day at 11:40 am.

In Mansi township, SAC’s 602nd LIR troops withdrew from their frontline post at Mahtek on April 18 at around 2:15 pm. KIA’s 12th Battalion troops took over Mahtek Post on April 19 at 12 pm.

In Waimaw township, KIA troops attacked SAC troops on the way between Loi Jaw and Nam Wa on April 19 at 8:11 pm.