KIA and SAC’s troops’ fights continue unabated

KIA’s 6th Battalion troops attacked a SAC’s military truck traveling from Hpakant at Mashi Kahtawng on April 16 at 1:15 pm

Similarly in Sumpra Bum township, KIA’s 11th Battalion troops attacked SAC’s military convoy traveling between Woi Shi and Sumpra Bum on the same day.

In Danai township, SAC’s 74th LIB and 318th LIR troops currently stationed near Nam Hkam village’s jetty fired 12 rounds of 60 mm mortars on Nam Mana mine at 8:10 am.

In northern Shan state, KIA’s 8th Battalion troops encountered an unknown SAC’s infantry  unit at Man Wun, located between Mung Wi and Pang Kanai on April 15 at 7 am.

In Manton township, KIA’s 34th Battalion ambushed SAC’s 130th LIB at Nam Lam Zup on April 15 at 8:30 am. The two sides encountered again near Ye Bung on April 16 at 04:30 am.

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