SAC’s airstrikes and artillery shelling continue

SAC’s fighter jets continue bombing on Alaw Bum and its surrounding area on April 13. A fighter jet drops bombs on Alaw Bum at 4:48 am and two fighter jets bomb and attack with missiles on KIA positions around Alaw Bum in Momauk township at 11:53 am.

Hka Ya Bum-based SAC troops fired an 81 mm mortar round on KIA position at Mung Lai Hkyet on the same day at 1 am.

SAC troops currently based at Sama and Shang Hkawng Bum and KIA troops based at Lung Rawk Post exchanged artillery fires beginning 9:53 pm. Sama-based SAC troops fired 2 rounds of 120 mm mortars on KIA position at Hpalap Bum and Shang Hkawng Bum-based SAC troops fired 3 rounds of 60 mm and 81 mm mortars on KIA’s Lung Rawk Post. KIA troops returned fires with 9 rounds of 60 mm, 82 mm and 100 mm mortars on SAC’s bases, reported a KIA frontline source.

In Mansi township, Maji Gung Kaba-based SAC troops fired a 105 mm howitzer round into Ding Sing Pa on the same day at 3:30 am.

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