SAC fighter jets attack continues as fighting intensifies

Two SAC fighter jets bombed KIA’s 8th Brigade headquarters and 5th Battalion headquarters in Monyin township on March 31 at 3:10 pm. The two fighter jets again raided KIA’s 8th Brigade headquarters at around 4:40 pm.

Earlier on the same day at 3 am, KIA’s 5th Battalion troops seized a police station at Chyauk Gyi. KIA troops under 8th Brigade ambushed SAC troops on the way between Hopin and Monyin at around 4:10 pm and KIA’s 11th Battalion troops attacked a military oil tanker carrying jet fuel near Mali Hka village at around 2:15 pm.

Similarly, KIA’s 7th Battalion troops and about 30 soldiers from SAC’s 138th LIB encountered on the road between Sum Pyi Yang and Shing Kap Bum at 9 am.

SAC troops stationed at Shang Hkawng Bum and Nhkram in Momauk township fired several mortar rounds on nearby area at 1:30 am. Maji Kung Kaba-based SAC troops fired 2 rounds of 105 mm hotwizer at 12:20 am and Kai Htik- based SAC troops fired nearby KIA’s 27th Battalion positions.

KIA’s 35th Battalion troops attacked SAC’s 16th LIR troops traveling on the way between Maw Han and Nam Hkyi Maw on the same day at around 4 pm.

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