Burmese military overrun KIA’s 36th Battalion base

As Burmese military’s unilateral four-month ceasefire period is ending, its troops launched renewed military operations in northern Shan state.

Burmese Army (BA) troops entered into Kachin Independence Army (KIA)’s 36th Battalion area beginning April 18 and the two sides have fought for almost a week.

On April 20, KIA’s 36th Battalion troops and BA’s 99th Light Infantry Division (LID) encountered at Yi Hku Bum in Mungpaw area for two times in a day. BA troops based at Swi Zin Wan and Mai Hpang village reportedly fired several artillery shells on KIA positions while its ground troops marched into KIA bases.

On April 21, Burma Army (BA) troops attacked Shan State Army (SSPP)’s Kai Dwi hill at around 5:50 pm. SSPP troops later had to evacuate their Kai Dwi hill base.

On April 22, BA troops from 99th LID launched an attack on KIA’s 36th Battalion position at Yi Hku Kawng at around 8 am. The two sides fought for about 4 hours.

On the same day, about 100 BA troops from 99th LID approached KIA’s 36th Battalion headquarters at old Howa village from three different directions at around 2:30 pm.

On April 23, BA’s 99th LID and KIA’s 36th Battalion troops continued fighting at old Howa village. KIA sources said they had to withdraw from its base at Howa village later in the evening.

On the same day, KIA troops reportedly attacked BA troops at Nam Pa Tek and Nam Tau village at around 1 pm.

The Burmese military announced a unilateral four-month ceasefire on Dec 21, 2018 suspending military operations in Kachin and Shan States. But a number of skirmishes took place between BA troops and ethnic armed organizations based in Shan state during that period.