KIA’s 8th Battalion troops battled BA’s 45th LIB and 69th LIB troops

KIA’s 8th Battalion troops fought a battle against a combined force of BA’s 45th LIB and 69th LIB troops at a hill between Nawng Hoi and Man Lu village in Nampaka township in northern Shan State on March 11 at 6:45 am. KIA sources said the battle broke out as BA troops advanced into KIA’s 8th Battalion positions in its Ga Leng administrative area. No casualties have been reported on either side.

In Kachin state, BA’s 298th LIB troops currently based at Ting Kawk in Danai township fired two random rifle rounds on March 11 at around 8:30 pm. 

Local sources reported that BA’s 298th LIB troops stopped travelers on Myitkyina-Danai road and searched them thoroughly on March 11.

Similarly, a combined force of BA troops and Shanni militias stopped and searched travelers at Ma-U Pin, Ka-maing, and Kawng Ra on March 10.