Hkawng Me villagers flee fighting in Sinbo township

A battle broke out Wednesday morning between KIA’s 5th Battalion troops and a BA Infantry unit near Hkawng Me village in Sinbo township forcing several Hkawng Me villagers flee their homes to nearby forest to avoid violence. The villagers have been living under tense situation since BA troops attacked a KIO’s local adminitration office last month on Sept 27.

On Oct 8, 3 fighter jets that took off from Burmese military’s Nam Pawng air base were seen flying over Myitkyina, Namti, Mogawng and former KIA’s 11th Battalion headquarters.

On the same day, BA’s 74 th LIB troops currently based at former KIA headquarters Na Hpaw fired several MG-43 rounds on its surrounding area.

In northern Shan state, KIA’s 8th Battalion troops fought BA troops under 99th Light Infantry Division at Pang Law and Hin Mun in Kutkai township on Oct 11 at 9:30 am. KIA sources said BA troops were heading towards Pang Nai Bum when the two sides encountered.

On Oct 10, TNLA troops and BA’s 69th LIB engaged in a battle at Lashap Hkyet located between Man Mau village and Loi Gaw village in Kutkai township at 8:10 am.

On Oct 6, KIA’s 2nd Battalion troops and BA troops from 99th LID encountered at a hill between Nawng Jang and Man Nawng village in Kutkai township.