High crime rate and insecurity in Kachin and northern Shan states

Despite high expectations that the situation and livelihood of the ordinary citizens will improve under NLD’s civilian government, crime rates have increased and humanitarian crisis in Kachin and northern Shan states is worsening. 

Drug-related problems, drug overdose deaths, motorcycle and cellphone theft cases, robberies and violent crimes added to decades of armed conflict and insecurity among ordinary civilians in Kachin and northern Shan states. Villagers in remote areas continue to grapple with arbitrary detention, forced labor, portering, and interrogation. The rule of law under current government has even further deteriorated than during the time of Thein Sein-led quasi-civilian government.

Two IDP youths, one aged 17 and another aged 18, from Hpan Hka Kung IDP Camp reportedly died of heroin overdose at U Pain Bridge in Bhamo on Sept 9 at 8 pm. There have been 9 Kachin youths died of heroin overdoses in Bhamo township in this year.

Hpauyam Htoi Rawng, aged 26, and Lasang La Yun, aged 26, have been found dead at a tent near Nazaret school in Mansi town on Sept 9. The cause of their death is still under investigation. According to a local source, the two men have been severely beaten and left inside the tent.

BA’s 238th LIB soldiers reportedly seized a boat belonged to Basi Htu of Sut Awng IDP Camp on Sept 10 at around 7 pm. The boat was traveling to Awng Lawt village carrying groceries when intercepted by BA soldiers.

On Sept 7, Kam Yaw of Nam Ya Hkin Tawng village was detained and forced to guide by BA soldiers as they marched towards Ang Bum in Hpakant township. Kam Yaw was on the way to fishing when he encountered BA soldiers.

On Sept 6, a group of teenagers were arrested by Burmese police for robbing cellphones in Dap Kawng quarter in Myitkyina.

On Sept 4, Lahpyaw Hkawng Dau, aged 42, of Loi Seng village, and Hpauyam La Sam, aged 35, of Kahtan Yang village have been arbitrarily arrested by BA’s 33rd LID troops who are traveling from Kamaing to Labang Kahtawng and Gauri. 

On Sept 3, BA soldiers arrested Nhkum Awng and Dashi Naw of Seng Wan village while they were working in their fields at Bum Ra in Hpakant township. The soldiers then forced Nhkum Awng and Dashi Naw to guide them to Kyauk Pya village.  

In northern Shan state, an armed group shot and killed Sai Lun Sai, aged 30, a cattle transport truck driver, and his assistant, Ha Sein, on the way between Nawnghkio and Kyawkme on Sept 8. 

On Sept 7, a combined force of BA’s 88th LID soldiers and Panse Pyitutsits entered two IDP camps in Nam Hkai village and Mung Yu village in Kutkai township. IDPs were questioned about their family members.

On Sept 4, Sai San Tun, aged 50, and Sai Mo, aged 25, have been injured by gunshot wounds during a battle between local armed groups at Pang Lung village in Namtu township. Sai San Tun later died of gunshot wounds and Sai Mo was taken to Namtu General Hospital.  

On Sept 3, an unknown armed group shot and killed Sai Nyunt Sein at his own backyard in Nam Hu village in Namtu township. 

Muse residents arrested a group of teenagers from 105 mile (Mung Yu) for robbing motorcycles and injuring passersby in Muse township last week.

Cases of human trafficking and human smuggling have been regularly reported. A 15-year-old girl has disappeared from her home in Laiza this week and her whereabouts is still unknown.