Battles rage in northern Shan State

After a period of relative calm in northern region, battles resumed between KIA and BA troops in northern Shan state.

A battle took place between KIA’s 9th Battalion troops and a combined force of BA’s 415th LIR and 10th LIB troops near Sinli Bum in Kutkai township in northern Shan state on Aug 29 at 2:47 pm. KIA sources said the battle broke out as 80-men strong BA troops approached KIA positions from three fronts. The two sides fought again later in the afternoon at around 4 pm.

On Aug 28 in Kutkai township, BA troops under 99th LID stepped on a landmine at Na Leng Kawng injuring a few soldiers. Local sources said BA troops later entered nearby Nawng Heng village and Man Mau village, and took two village elders and four village men to guide them as they continued their march. The whereabouts of those villagers still remained unknown.

On Aug 27, BA troops fired three rounds of 60 mm mortars on KIA positions from Na Leng and Man Mau villages.

In Kachin state, BA troops currently stationed at Lai Nawng Hku in Hpakant township reportedly fired 2 artillery shells on KIA positions on Aug 29 at 5:15 pm.

Meanwhile, skirmishes continue between a combined force of TNLA and SSA(N) troops and BA troops in northern Shan state.

On Aug 29, TNLA troops and BA’s 45 LIB troops engaged in a battle at a field between Loi Gaw village and Nawng Pa village in Nampaka area at around 7 am.

In Namtu township, a combined force of TNLA and SSA (N) troops battled BA troops under 77th LID at a hill between Man Pon and Nah Huk village on Aug 28 at 7:10 am.