Battles Continue in Sumprabum, Hpakant, Muse and Kutkai Townships  

Battles continue to rage on Tuesday between KIA and BA troops in Sumprabum, Hpakant, Muse, and Kutkai townships.

KIA’s 4th Battalion troops and BA troops engaged in a battle at Dap Shawa field in Sumprabum township on May 15 at 5 am. BA troops based in Mara Hkin Dawt fired four 120 mm rounds at KIA positions around 4:45 am.

On the same day in Hpakant township, KIA’s 6th Battalion troops and BA troops fought a battle at Woi Bum between 7:45 am and 8:45 am.

In Danai township, BA troops based at Chyahkya Tu Kawng fired eight 120 mm rounds on KIA 14th Battalion positions at Awng Ba and Taw Tep at 11 am. BA’s 297th LIB troops fired three 60 mm rounds at KIA positions from Hpa Hka Kawng in Ting Kawk village at 10:40 am.

In northern Shan state, KIA’s 36th Battalion troops battled BA troops under 11th LID at Dun Aw village on May 15 at 7:55 am. Multiple artillery rounds were reportedly fired at KIA positions from BA bases in Namtau Hku Hawng and Win Seng village during the battle.

On the same day, a combined force of TNLA 223rd Battalion and MNDAA troops fought a series of battles against BA troops under 11st LID near Man Pai village in Kutkai township.

2 BA fighter jets flied over KIA 2nd Battalion positions in Kutkai township but no shots were fired, said a KIA frontline source.