BA Jets Pound KIA Positions

2 BA jets carried out aerial raids on KIA Brigade 1 HQ, 4th and 7th Battalions areas on May 11 & 12. KIA’s 4th Battalion HQ and Wura Hkin Dawt post, located in Sumpra Bum township, were bombed 4 times by 2 BA jets on May 11 around 2:15 pm. Aerial attacks were also made on KIA 1st Brigade HQ and the 7th Battalion area of Bawm Wang village on May 12, around 11:45 am. 3 bombs were dropped on KIA’s 1st Brigade HQ and 3 bombs on Bawm Wang village. The jets continued on to the Sumpra Bum area and bombarded KIA 4th Battalion positions at 12 pm. 4th Battalion positions at Wura Hkindaw post and Pali Bum also came under continuous rounds of 120mm artillery fire.

BA posts from Hkaya Bum, Dum Bau Bum, Yaw Yung Bum, Sin Lum, Kai Htik, and Nahpaw staged coordinated artillery bombardment on KIA positions on May 12. KIA positions along the border came under heavy artillery bombardment early in the morning of May 12, from 2:00 to 2:45 am. Areas targeted include Hpalap Bum, Alen Bum, 5th Brigade positions, Alaw Bum, Bung Kahtawng (near the Nhkawng Pa IDP camp), Wungaw Bum (3rd Brigade), Nba Pa and Mada Bum.

Several artillery rounds from BA posts at Chyahkya Tu Kawng, Nam Hkam village, Hka Da Zup in Danai township fired at KIA 14th Battalion positions on the same day.

Meanwhile, ground battles continue between KIA’s 4th Battalion troops and about 100 BA troops at a confluence of Hpung Swi stream and Tamang stream in Sumpra Bum township on May 12 at 6 pm. In Hpakant township, BA troops launched an attack on KIA 6th Battalion’s Loi Mye Bum on May 12 at 6 am. Another battle took place between 6th Battalion troops and BA troops at Woi Chyai Bum, located on the way between Ja Ra Yang and Lai Nawng Hku, on May 12 at 7:55 pm.

Similarly on May 11, clashes occurred between KIA 6th Battalion and BA forces around 2:40 pm at Wai Maw Post in the Hpakant area. In Danai township, KIA’s 20th Battalion troops clashed with BA troops at the Jala Hkyet and Wu Loi Bai junction on May 11 around 10:30 am, and again at the Gauri Bum foothills when about 50 BA troops continued to push into the area. BA troops pounded KIA 33rd Battalion HQ with heavy mortar fire from early morning on May 11, and KIA forces struck back with their own heavy artillery fire from about 8 am.