Thousands of Villagers Flee as BA Fighter Jet Bombs and Infantry Troops Attack

It is learned that a BA jet fighter attacked KIA 1st Brigade and 4th Battalion HQ on April 25, around 3:30 pm.

Clashes occurred when BA troops marching up from Mile 16 Zup Mai Yang in Sumprabum township, were attacked by KIA 4th Battalion troops on April 26, around 9:30 am.

Frontline sources also report that heavy artillery fire was directed at the KIA 10th Battalion area of Law Hkawng Bum in eastern Kachin state.

The BA incursion into KIA 4th Battalion territory caused over 1,000 villagers of Mali Nmai ginra, Pungse Zup, Sutngai Yang, Pungswi Yang, Zupmai Yang, Bumnen Yang, Jawsa, Hkumtsai Tawng, Hpatsip Zup, Sani Tu Yang and Tangbau Yang to flee to Tanghpre on April 26.

The IDPs crossed the Mali River and turned up at the Gwi Htau boat jetty, where the churches, PCG and other rescue groups met them and transported them to the Tanghpre Catholic Church.


Why is this happening? I am so sad reading this..have you circulated this to all Western Media?

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