IDPs Shot At and Killed by BA Soldiers

Locals report that Burma Army (BA) soldiers stationed at Hkawng Law Yang shot and killed 2 IDPs from Awng Lawt on April 23 around 8 pm. The incident took place when the soldiers, seeing 8 IDPs riding motorbikes passed in front of BA check point fired shots at them, killing 2 and wounding 3. A local source that reported the incident to KLN said the IDPs being killed are most likely gold miners who fled fighting in Awng Lawt area.

It is also reported that on April 8 and 9, 18 villagers from Kahtan Yang and Loi Seng villagers were taken away by BA soldiers. 17 of the villagers were released on April 17, except for Lajung Sin Wa of Kahtan Yang village. It was later learned that he had been killed on April 13. Lajung Sin Wa’s body has not been recovered but village elders plan a memorial service for him on April 24. Lajung Sin Wa leaves behind a 10 year old son.