Twelve-year-old Boy Killed, Two Others Sustaining Severe Injuries from Mortar Shells

Mortar shells fired by an unknown group which landed in Mong Yu, located at 105 mile pole between Nampaka and Muse, in Muse township on December 23 have killed a young boy and injured two others, local sources reported KLN.

One of the shells fell on a house north of the village killing the boy having inflicted serious injuries on two other family members. The shrapnels hit the sixty-year-old grandfather’s both legs and the waist while another young member of the family also sustained serious wounds.

Both mortar shell victims have been brought to Muse Hospital and are receiving treatments, the KLN has learned.

Burmese army officers reportedly harassed Shan politicians and supporters at several conferences in previous weeks. Some political analysts speculate the shelling was carried out by Burmese army troops to convey a warning message to the people of Shan State citing instability to organize such events.