Skirmishes Continue Unabated in Kachin and Northern Shan State

A battle took place between KIA’s 18th Battalion troops and a combined force of Burmese army troops from 381st Light Infantry Regiment (LIR) and 271st Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) at Wa Hta Hka bridge, located between Hka U village and Hkawk Jang village in southeastern Kachin State, on Nov 11 at 10 am. According to KIA sources, Burmese army troops were guided by deputy village head of Hka U village. The two sides exchanged fire with M-79 grenade launchers and assault rifles after a roadside bomb exploded.

KIA sources reported that Burmese army frontline bases launched several mortar attacks on KIA positions in southern Kachin State.

Kai Htik-based Burmese troops fired 9 rounds of 81 mm mortar on Pali Bum, Lawa Yang’s 31-mile-based 47th LIB troops fired 6 rounds of 81 mm mortars on Hpa Ra on Nov 8 between 4 am – 5 am.

Sin Di Bum-based Burmese army’s 521st LIR troops fired 4 rounds of 81 mm mortars on Htamawk Hkaraw on Kai Htik road on Nov 8 at 4:30 am.

On Nov 11, Burmese army troops reportedly fired 5 M-79 grenade rounds on KIA’s 12th Battalion position in Bang Htan area after being stepped on a landmine.

Sin Di Bum-based 521st LIR troops again fired 3 rounds of 81 mm mortars on Htamawk Hkaraw, 4 rounds on Pali Bum and Mada Bum, and 3 rounds on U Ra Bum on Nov 11.

In western Kachin State, KIA’s 2nd Brigade troops launched an attack on a combined force of Burmese army’s 238th LIB and 297th LIB at Jam Bu Bum on Nov 4 at 7:15 am.

On Nov 6, Burmese army’s 255th LIB troops currently based at Hkrai Run fired 10 rounds of 60 mm mortars on Woi Ba Bum at around 10 pm.

On Nov 8, Kachin civilian forces (MHH & MKM) engaged in a battle against a combined force of Burmese army’s 255th LIB troops and Nam Ya Pyithutsits at Yuzana junction near Nam Ya village at 10:45 am.

Another battle took place near Lawa village on Nov 10 between Kachin civilian forces and about 20 Burmese army soldiers.

On Nov 11, KIA’s 6th Battalion troops launched an attack on about 100 Burmese army soldiers who were lodging at a government school in Lawa village.

In northern Shan State, KIA’s 36th Battalion troops launched an ambush on Burmese army’s 219th LIR troops at U Dang Bum, located near Nam Hkawng village, on Nov 1 at 6:30 am. Another battle took place on the same day at Pang Jung village between KIA’s 34th Battalion troops and Burmese army’s 506th LIR troops at around 8 am.

On Nov 8, KIA’s 36th Battalion troops reportedly ambushed Burmese military convoy at a location between Nam Tau and Lung Hkang at around 12:40 am.