Abuses and Killings of Civilians by Burmese Army Troops

On January 2 behind the paddy field in N-yan Yu village in Kachin State’s Hugawng area, fellow villagers found the body of Mr. Hkyi Sa Nu, a 48-year-old man, who was allegedly murdered at his paddy field by Burmese army troops.

Mr. Hkyi Sa Nu was considered dead after having been missing since December 31, 2017 when he left home for bird hunting, a hobby many Kachin men enjoy. His body has properly been buried by family members and village elders and officials have been investigating the root cause of his death, locals reported the KLN.

Meanwhile in northern Shan State,  50-year-old Mr. Wang Hkang from Nawng Heng village in Mungkoe Township was deliberately stabbed in the stomach by Burmese army troops belonging to 88th Regiment at around 12:00 a.m. on December 31. Burmese army soldiers entered the village in the middle of the night and Mr. Wang Hkawng was reportedly ordered to come out and meet them.

After stabbing Mr. Wang Hkang for no apparent reason, Burmese army medics stitched his wounds right where they knifed him  threatening they would come for his life if the news spread, local sources reported.