Burmese Army Troops Kill Innocent Civilians in Mansi and Mongkoe Townships

Photo: Mr. Ja Naw’s body was found dead with throat cut and hands tied

Burmese army troops reportedly from infamous 88th Light Infantry Division arrested and killed Maran Ja Naw (aged 51), a Nam Hka villager, on the way between Nam Hka Bum and Na Hkawng Bum in Mansi Township on December 23, reported a local source. Ja Naw’s body was found dead with his throat cut in Dawai Hkaraw on December 24 at 1:25 p.m.

Another villager from Bang Gaw Htingnu was found shot dead between Balawng Dingsa and Bang Gaw in Mansi township on Christmas day at around 12 p.m. Mr. Sumhka Dun Naw of Bang Gaw Htingnu village was shot dead by Burmese army troops under 88th Light Infantry Division. His only child Mr. Sumhka Ma Hpang was also taken away by Burmese army troops in 2015 and his whereabouts remain unknown, a local source reported.


Photo: body of Dashi Lawn covered in bruises

In northern Shan State, the body of Dashi Lawn of Hpunggan village was found dead with severe multicolor bruises in Hpunggan village in Mongkoe area on December 20.

Dashi Lawn was arrested by Burmese army troops while he was fleeing together with fellow Hpunggan villagers from Burmese army troops entering their village on December 19.



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