Mass Grave Containing 18 Bodies Found in Mung Lung Nam Hkye Ho Village in Mongkoe

A mass grave containing the remains of 18 Mung Lung villagers including a two-year-old boy has been discovered in a forest near Mung Lung Nam Hkye Ho village in Mongkoe area on December 20. The bodies were badly burnt before they were buried .

Mung Lung Nam Hkye Ho is a Kokang village located in Mongkoe area in northern Shan State where fierce fighting took place between Northern Allied troops and Burmese Army in November and early December.

Those 18 villagers were arrested and detained by Burmese army soldiers under 88th and 99th Light Infantry Division on November 28, 2016, said a Mung Lung Nam Hkye Ho villager.

The villager said while most Mung Lung villagers fled their homes those remained in the village insisted that as ordinary civilians the war was nothing to do with them and believed that Burmese army soldiers would not harm them.

Mung Lung villagers who returned to their home village after the war between Kokang troops and Burmese army had subsided did not find their fellow villagers remained in the village and began searching for them.  The badly burnt bodies of the 18 villagers were finally found in a forest near their village.

The names of the victims are:

  1. Yen Sung Fa (Yen Yung Htang)
  2. Fu Hte So (Yen Yung Hkyeng)
  3. Janglau E (Jang Jen Shen)
  4. Janghe Rin (Jang Jen Sai)
  5. Jang Jen Chyang
  6. Jang Shi Bau
  7. Jang Kong Yen
  8. Yang Sin Lin (Jang Kong Lan)
  9. Yangsin Fu
  10. Yang Nau
  11. Yang Sin Shon
  12. Yang Sin Nin
  13. Don Shan Htu (Dawn Shen Hkyen)
  14. Don Zung
  15. Hpu Si
  16. Gaw Lau
  17. Hpu Ta Shun
  18. A two-year-old boy