Hpakant Residents Protest Against Tatmadaw’s Offensives


About 5000 Hpakant residents on Monday protested against Myanmar Tatmadaw’s offensives shouting slogans that say, “Immediately stop Tatmadaw’s offensives in Kachin region”, “we don’t want Tatmadaw’s offensives in ethnic region”, “For proper return of IDPs to their homes”. The protest was held from 8 am- 11 am.

Protesters also donated Myanmar kyat 29 lakh for the parents of Mangshang Zung Myaw (2) who was hit and killed by Myanmar Tatmadaw’s artillery shells in Puwang village in Muse Township on Oct 1, and for Lagwi Bawm Lang (6) and Lagwi Ting Kyang (5) who were hospitalised in a Chinese hospital for treatment from bomb shrapnel injuries.