Battles Rage at Nhkram Gidon Post and Lai Hpawng Post

Burmese army on Thursday continued its offensives against KIA’s frontline posts. Nhkram Gidon post and Lai Hpawng post have been attacked with artillery fires and ground assaults on Thursday.

A combined force of about 500 troops from Burmese army’s 29th LIB, 50th LIB, 121st LIB, 260th LIB and 381st LIB launched another ground attack on KIA 252nd Mobile Battalion’s Nhkam Gidon post followed by 14 rounds of 105 mm M2A1 howitzer fired from Gang Dau Yang, 4 rounds of 120mm mortar from Mali, and several 60 mm and 81 mm rounds from Kagam beginning 4:20 pm. KIA sources said Burmese army troops were led by a Byuharmuu, a tactical commander from Mogaung-based 3rd Military Operations Command (MOC-3).

Kagam-based Burmese army’s artillery unit fired 10 rounds of 120 mm mortar shells on KIA’s Lai Hpawng post on Sept 22 at 4:20 pm.

Meanwhile, more reinforcement troops have arrived in Nhkram and Lai Hpawng area and intensified fighting showed no signs of de-escalation of battles.

Local sources reported that five Burmese military trucks full of soldiers were seen on the way to Nhkram from Myitkyina to reinforce its forces on Sept 22. About 130 Burmese army soldiers from 266th LIB arrived in Dingga on the same day.

About 30 soldiers from La Sang Awng Wa’s Pyitthutsits, a militia backed by Burmese army, in two military trucks came to reinforce Burmese army forces.

About 30 soldiers from Ta Law Pyithutsits, another militia unit under Burmese army, were on the way from Katsu to Sampai with 50 horses.

Local sources also reported that members of Shanni Pyithutsits, Red Shan militia backed by Burmese army, are gathering their fellow militia members to reinforce Burmese army at Nhkram.