Kachin Traditional Long Drum, Festive Food, Rice Paddy Awarded World Records


World Record Association, a Hong Kong-based organization that lists non-sports civilian world records, awarded Kachin traditional long drum used in Manau dance for the longest drum, Kachin traditional festive food for the largest communal food and for the longest rice paddy, Hkauling Mam, at Mashi Manau Festival in Mangshi, Yunnan province on Feb 21. Mangshi is the capital of Tai-Jingpo Autonomous Perfecture.

Kachin people are known as Jingpo in China and one of China’s ethnic minorities. Kachin traditional Manau Dance which 18604 dancers participated in 2012 Mangshi Manau Festival was awarded the largest communal dance. Kachin traditional sword dance in which 1025 dancers participated in 2012 was awarded the largest traditional sword dance.

(Sumla: JLH Dakkasu ni Mandale)