One Villager Killed, Two Injured in Shelling in Shabuk Kawnghka

At least one villager was killed and two others injured by Burmese Army’s artillery shells in Shabuk Kawnghka village in Muse Township on July 13. Local sources said Burmese Army troops fired artillery shells at random on Kawnghka village at around 10 am killing Naw San (20), and injuring Khun Kyin Liang (45) and Zinghtung Ma Kai (34).

Khun Kyin Liang and Zinghtung Ma Kai were taken to Pang Sai General Hospital at around 11 am. Ma Kai, a 34-year-old woman, was in serious condition and later transferred to Muse General Hospital.

Kawnghka village is located on the road between Nam Tau and Mung Yu (105 mile), just a few miles from famous Yunnan-Burma road.  In Jan 19 of this year, two volunteer teachers, Maran Lu Ra (20) and Tangbau Hkawn Nan Tsin (21), from the Kachin Baptist Convention were raped and killed inside the Kawnghka Baptist Church Compound. Many believed that the horrendous crime was committed by Burmese army’s 503rd Light Infantry Regiment (LIR) soldiers who were stationed at civilian houses during that time. An independent local observer who wishes to remain anonymous said the investigation for rape-murder case is going nowhere despite public outcry to bring those responsible to justice.