Burmese Army Fighter Jets Bomb KIA Positions in Mali Yang

Burmese Army’s fighter jets bombed KIA’s Mali Yang post for the second times around 3 pm on Monday. The two fighter jets raided KIA positions at 11:30 am while ground troops from Northern Regional Command and 33rd Light Infantry Division attacked Mali Yang post firing several artillery shells.

Mali Yang is located 7.5 miles east of Sumpra Bum with a total of 40 households. A Burmese Army post was stationed in Mali Yang during 17 years ceasefire period from 1994 to 2011. Burmese Army troops withdrew from Mali Yang when renewed war began in 2011 between KIA and Burmese Army. KIA’s 7th Battalion troops have taken over Mali Yang since then and the area is relatively peaceful until recent fighting began on June 24.

Burmese government appointed nonlocal school teachers for the village school despite KIA presence in Mali Yang for years. In last month, KIA troops asked Burmese government- appointed school teachers to return to Sumpra Bum due to security concerns. After the teachers’ return, Burmese Army launched an attack on KIA’s 7th Battalion troops’ positions on June 24-25.

The latest air-and-ground assault began this week after Burmese Army’s attack last month failed to seize KIA post in Mali Yang.

Col. Zau Tawng of KIO said KIO’s Conflict Resolution Team sent a request letter to Col. Than Aung and government’s Conflict Resolution Team to held a meeting on July 13-15 regarding recent conflict. But the government team denied the meeting request, citing three team members will be busy during that time.


I have learnt two big news. One is good and the other is bad. The news of Burmese Army bought some fighter jets from Pakistan makes me mad and the news of combat helicopters provided to Wa Army by China makes me feel fine. If both news are the real stories I wonder where those newly bought fighter jets will be used by the Burmese Army. I am wondering also what will be the reaction from Burmese Army to the Wa Army that has been acquired some advanced combat helicopters. The bottom line is all the ethnics forces should unite and prepare for the combined operation whether it may be defensive or offensive. Down with military regime of Burma.

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