Burmese Army Launches Airstrikes and Ground Offensive

A combined force of Burmese Army troops from 29th LIB, 46thLIB, 47th LIB, 137th LIB, 138th LIB, 33rd LID and Burmese army-backed militia troops led by Tanggu Dang on Saturday launched an attack on KIA’s 7th Battalion’s Mali Yang Post in Sumpra Bum Township at around 9:30 am, reported KIA frontline source.

At around 11 am, two fighter jets came to bomb KIA positions around Mali Yang. Burmese Army troops launched both air and ground offensive against KIA troops by firing several rounds of artillery shells during the air raid, said KIA source.

Another KIA’s post, 22nd Battalion’s Lawt Kawng post, was attacked by Burmese Army troops around the same time as battle raged in KIA’s Mali Yang post. Both sides have not released any information on the number of casualties.