Over 130 Encounters between KIA and Burmese Army Troops in Two Months

A KIA source said there have been over 130 encounters between Kachin Independence Army and Burmese Army Troops in the last two months.

The two sides engaged in firefights for 73 times in January alone. There were 60 encounters with Burmese Army troops in February including 5 artillery attacks on KIO headquarters’ security forces, said the source.

The most intense battles took place in KIA’s 2nd Brigade and 4th Brigade areas. The two sides battled 34 times in January and 20 times in February in KIA’s 2nd Brigade area in western Kachin State. In northern Shan State, the two sides fought 34 times in January and 28 times in February this year.

Meanwhile, battles continue to rage between Burmese Army and ethnic allied forces in Kokang and Ta-ang areas in northern Shan State.

A battle broke out between TNLA’s 223rd Battalion and Burmese army troops near Ga Leng village in Kutkai Township on Mar 5 at 10:15 am, reported PSLF/TNLA’s Information Department. The two sides engaged in a series of battles in Panse area in Nam Kham Township in last week.

In Kokang, Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA-Kokang) troops fought against Burmese army troops near Ta Shwe Htang on Mar 4 at 5 pm. MNDAA’s military committee reported on Mar 3 that 40 Burmese army soldiers were killed and 30 wounded in eleven-hour battles between the two sides in Tar Aik Shan area. 5 MNDAA troops were wounded in the battle, said in the statement released by MNDAA on Mar 3.

MNDAA’s statement also said its troops ambushed Burmese army troops near Kywe Pa Chyaing village on Mar 2 at 6 am. 20 Burmese army soldiers were killed and 30 wounded in this battle. 4 Kokang soldiers were killed and 7 wounded, said the statement.