Burmese Army Launched Attacks on Kachin Local Volunteers

Burmese army’s 5th Light Infantry Regiment troops on Sunday launched a surprise attack on Kachin volunteer troops under KIA’s 6th Battalion near Kahtan Yang village located on Mogaung-Hpakant motor road at around 4:30 pm.

Local sources said Kachin volunteers had to withdraw from their Gwi Chya Post after being pounded by several mortar rounds. No casualties have been reported on either side so far.

On Dec 19, Burmese army troops launched a similar attack on a Kachin volunteers’ post near Daw Hpum Yang in south eastern Kachin State. A KIA source said, “Local volunteers under KIA’s 24th Battalion were attacked. Two volunteers died during this attack and one had been captured by Burmese troops”.