Tension High in Awng Len Village as Burmese Troops Advance Into KIO Territory

A Burmese army column led by 297th Light Infantry Battalion Commander on Saturday arrived Ja Wang Ja Maw, near Shadu Zup village. Shadu Zup village is located between Wara Zup and Ta Naing on Ledo road, also known as Stilwell Road.

KIO sources say 297th Commander asked local KIA officers to allow them to enter into Awng Len village under KIO-controlled territory. KIA commanders replied to General Staff Officer I of Northern Regional Command through Peace-talks Creation Group (PCG) to withdraw its troops from KIO-controlled area as fighting can break out at any time.

As of now, 297th LIB troops are still in the area and local sources say the soldiers seized villagers’ mobile phones. The presence of Burmese army troops frightens villagers in surrounding area of Shadu Zup village, Awng Len village and the confluence of Nam Sang creek and Lasi creek. KIO’s education department has a primary school in Awng Len village.