Battles Rage in Northern Shan State as Renewed Kachin War Enters Fourth Year


Thursday, June 12, 2014

KIA soldiers preparing for a battle
KIA soldiers preparing for a battle

Kachin people militia (Mung Shawa Hpyen Hpung, MHH) troops under KIA’s 36 Battalion have been battling against Burmese army’s 77th Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) troops near Man Nawng Kawng village in Mung Paw, northern Shan State as the renewed civil war in Kachin and northern Shan State enters fourth year.

A KIA source says that the fighting broke out as about 70 Burmese army troops advanced toward Man Nawng Kawng village from Man Ping village in Mung Paw early Tuesday morning at 6 am. Two government soldiers died in this battle, said the source.

Another battle took place near Mung Gu in northern Shan State between MHH troops under KIA’s 38th Battalion and Burmese army’s 415th Light Infantry Regiment (LIR) troops at around 6:30 am.

A combined force of KIA’s 38th Battalion troops and Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA, Ko Kang) fought against Burmese army’s 317th LIR troops at Loi Kang, Mung Gu in northern Shan State on the same day at around 8:30. No casualties on either side have been reported.

Renewed Kachin war entered a fourth year Tuesday, with thousands of soldiers from both sides dead, villages burnt down, churches destroyed, lives shattered, at least 100,000 civilians forced to flee their homes and living in dozens of makeshift IDP camps along the border, and no end in sight.

Kachin Baptist Convention which represents more than 400,000 Kachin Baptists demanded in a statement released Monday to stop Burmese army’s brutal military offensives which intentionally and indiscriminately target Kachin civilians.

The statement said, “To materialize genuine Federalism without delay, KBC believes that 100,000 IDPs are facing difficulties and suffering traumatize pains because of political problem, which is Federalism based on Panglong Treaty”. The KBC also urged to immediately withdraw Burmese Army troops from homes of over 100,000 civilians and KIO-controlled territory, so that IDPs living in various camps could go homes.