Fierce Battles Continue in Kachin and Northern Shan State


Monday, May 5, 2014


Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and Burmese Army troops have fought fierce battles in Kachin and northern Shan State in the past weeks despite another meeting is scheduled for the two sides to meet next week in Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin State.

KIA’s 27th Battalion troops on Monday engaged in a battle against an unknown Burmese army unit at old Pung Ling village in southern Kachin State at 6:45 am. The battle lasted for about an hour. The two sides subsequently encountered in the afternoon near old Pung Ling village. No official casualty figure has been reported on either side.

A local source says two Burmese military trucks reportedly carrying soldiers from 88th Light Infantry Division (LID), supplies of ammunition and food were hit by a roadside bomb between Ta Long and Maw Taung on Kutkai-Nam Kham road in northern Shan State on May 4 at 2 pm. One sergeant and another driver were killed in this roadside bomb explosion, said the source. No group has claimed responsibility for the bomb attack. At least three insurgent groups; KIA, TNLA, SSA, and a number of pro-government militia groups are active in northern Shan State.

On the same day, Burmese army troops stationed at Mai Hpang post in Mungpaw, headquarters of pro-government militia Mungpaw Pyi Tu Tsits, fired 32 mortar rounds into nearby mountain range where they assume KIA troops take up positions, reported a KLN source. Mungpaw is located near Munggu (Monkoe) in northern Shan State. The mortar attack began with intermittent shelling at 3 pm and lasted for two hours.

Local sources say thousands of Burmese army troops surrounded Mungpaw for days and in last week two fighter jets were seen flying over the area. Hundreds of local villages have fled their villages to safer locations in Mungpaw and Muse Township.