Abuses Increased as More Government Troops Deployed in Kachin Region

Friday, March 7, 2014

Burmese government troops
Burmese government troops

A local KLN source says Burmese army troops under 5th Light Infantry Regiment (LIR) extorted money from travellers entering and departing Kamaing city, located in western Kachin State, on March 4.

On the same day, troops under 3rd Military Operation Command (MOC-3) started to conduct area clearing operations by setting rubber fields and bamboo forest on fire in Ja Ing Yang, Awng Ja, Ching Na Zup, Nam San Yang, Hka La, and Npawn village in southern Kachin State.

Local gold miners in Ban Bin Mali Ja Maw said they have to pay extortion money to Lasang Awng Wa group, a border guard force (BGF) under Burmese army, for gold mining and panning. Most miners who struggle to make ends meet in this area use simple hand tools and their bare hands to search for gold.

Burmese army’s 80th Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) soldiers led by Captain Naing Lin Swe on Wednesday stopped local residents and passersby to ask for money in Nam Byu in western Kachin State. 80th LIB soldiers are currently stationed at Kawng Ra post in KIA’s 14th Battalion, 2nd Brigade area.

A local resident from Nawng Mi village in Hpakant Township said local villagers and travellers are harassed by a group of Burmese army troops in this week. The soldiers alledgedly stopped local travellers and robbed them of their belongings and money at U Di Bum village located on Lido road.