IDPs Arrive in Man Win Area; Battles Rage in Mansi and Northern Shan State


Friday, November 22, 2013

crossing the river
Kachin IDPs crossing a creek in Mansi Township (Photo: WPN)

A brief fire fight took place between KIA troops and a Burmese army column near Namlim Pa IDP camp on Nov 20 for about 20 minutes. KIA troops have been ordered by central command not to ambush and fire first. KIA sources say the fire fight started when Burmese army troops began to trespass their territory from Saga Nam Hkum village on Wednesday at around 3 pm.

A local source says about 100 soldiers entered Nam Ngawn Bum village on Nov 20 at about 9 pm.

On the same day, another battle took place in KIA’s 4th Brigade area in northern Shan State between KIA’s 2nd Battalion troops and Burmese army troops from 568th Light Infantry Regiment at 10:30 am.

KIA’s 12th Battalion troops fought against a combined force of Burmese army’s 47th, 56th, and 240th Light Infantry Battalions near Namlim Pa on Nov 21 at 3:20 pm.

All civilians in Namlim Pa have already fled their homes. But not all of them have arrived in new IDP camps – Man Win Pa, Lagat Yang and Lana Zup Ja – being built for Namlim Pa residents. Some villagers are staying in their tent houses in rice fields and some are living in nearby forests. Aid workers say they still can’t locate whereabouts of about 200 villagers.

KIO’s KRRC, WPN, KMSS, Metta, and other local NGOs are providing temporary shelters, food and other humanitarian supports to newly arrived IDPs. KRRC had arranged trucks to pick up IDPs traveling from Namlim Pa. 271 students have been transported to Lana Zup Ja Camp. Many IDPs who have arrived in camps suffered from dehydration, mental exhaustion and muscle fatigue.

“I saw a mother who can’t produce breast milk for her son because she does not have enough food to eat”, said an aid worker in Lagat Yang. Another aid worker from Wunpawng Ninghtoi (WPN) says she saw school children shivering in cold weather because they fled their boarding school without thick clothes.

November is a harvest time in Kachin region and many local farmers had to leave behind their rice crops ready to be harvested. The sufferings of displaced civilians are compounded by cold weather.