Battles Rage in KIA’s 12th Battalion Territory


Friday, November 8, 2013

myanmar army
Burmese army troops

Fighting continues to rage in KIA’s 12th Battalion area despite recent talks between armed ethnic organizations and Burmese government delegation.

KIA’s 12th Battalion troops fought against about 100 Burmese army troops under Theinni-based 16th Military Operations Command (MOC-16) between Mahkaw Yang and Nam Hpu village on Nov 7.

Another battle took place between KIA’s 12th Battalion troops and a combined force of Burmese army’s 276th Light Infantry Battalion, 319th Light Infantry Regiment and 601st Light Infantry Regiment at Kawng Ja village on Nov 7 at 4 pm. The two sides have engaged in a series of battles since early Thursday morning.

KIO delegation and Union Peace-Making Work Committee on Oct 10 agreed to further de-escalate hostilities and end fighting. But fighting between KIA and Burmese army had erupted again, just a few days after Myitkyina talk as Burmese army attacked a KIA post near Man Hkawn village, located on Mansi- Je Hkam road in southern Kachin State.

Myitkyina-based northern commander Gen. Tun Tun Naung reportedly told members of Peace-talk Creation Group (PCG) that current offensives against KIA in 12th Battalion territory are intended to control illegal logging, to interact with the local population for better relationship and to conduct military training exercises.

Meanwhile, the encroachment of Burmese army troops have forced thousands of local Kachin villagers from Kawng Ja, Mungding Pa, Mahkaw Yang, Nam Hpu and Namlim Pa to flee their homes and scatter across southern Kachin State. A local source says about 30 Mungding Pa villagers are currently being trapped in the crossfire in a rice field near their village as gunbattles rage in surrounding area.