Two Kachin civilians tortured and killed by government soldiers


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kachin Nung Lungmi Villagers (Photo: Nung Lungmi Htunghking)

Two Nhka GA villagers, a Christian deacon Lahkreng Hkaw Duk and another young man Yung Hpa Hkyen, were tortured and killed by Burmese government soldiers. Local residents say they found the bodies of two men near Nhka Ga village and had them properly buried. Eight other villagers including a Christian minister and his son were released by government soldiers. The pastor, Rev. Ram Mai, is in critical condition after being tortured and severely beaten.

On Aug 29, Church pastor Rev. Ram Mai and his second son, Nang Mawn Htin Aung, deacon Lahkreng Hkaw Duk, and seven other villagers were arrested and detained by Burmese army soldiers on suspicion of being supportive of Kachin people militia (MHH) and KIA troops.

A villager who had fled from Nhka Ga said the ten men were bound, hung upside down and beaten by government soldiers during interrogation inside the Church. Burmese army soldiers, believed to be from 66th Light Infantry Division (LID), bound and blindfolded Nhka Ga village elders Hkaw Duk and Yung Hpa Hkyen and took them away to an unknown location, said the witness. He said the government soldiers also arrested several Nhka Ga village women and girls and took into a nearby forest, gang raped them and later released them in naked.

Local sources say Nhka Ga villagers who had returned to their village saw their properties ransacked and livestock looted. Burmese army’s 137th Light Infantry Battalion soldiers forced villagers to sign papers that say no houses and properties have been ransacked and stolen. 

Nhka Ga villagers, mostly Kachin sub-tribe Nung Lungmi, have been cut off from critical supplies like food and medicine since the beginning of last month conflict between KIA and Burmese army troops. Machyang Baw residents say they are still unable to help Nhka Ga villagers as Burmese army has blocked all the roads that lead to Nhka Ga.