Burmese army fired 60 mm mortar on a KIA position near Laiza

Burmese army truck transports artillery

Burmese army occupying forces currently stationed at former KIA’s Bum Re hill have fired a 60 mm mortar shell on KIA post at Hkyin Du hill on February 7 at 4:05 am. A KIA front line source says its capital security forces were shelled by Burmese army’s 320th LIB despite unilateral ceasefire announced by President Thein Sein.

Burmese government soldiers randomly fired all over the place between Lawa Yang and Hka Ya hill at 4:50 pm on February 7. Earlier that day, some soldiers were struck by landmines as they further encroached into KIA’s territory, reported a local source.

On February 2, Burmese army’s 223rd LIB under Bhamo-based 21st MOC currently stationed at Masen Bum and Yihku Kawng fired with 60 mm mortars on Lawa-yang village for four rounds.

Government troops has transported military hardware, food and building materials with trucks, cars and motorcycles to former KIA’s Hpunpyen Bum which has recently been seized by Burmese army. A KIA soldier said, “Burmese army is building a security fence around Hpunpyen Bum and making an army camp”.  He continued, “They are building similar fence and army post in Hkaya Bum”. Hkaya Bum is the last KIA post seized by Burmese troops after days of combined air strikes, artillery shelling and ground offenses. The army has installed artillery on all occupied mountains overlooking Laiza.

Local sources say Burmese government’s air crafts were seen transporting arms, ammunition and other military equipments to Pangwa area in China-Burma border. Pangwa residents and  nearby villagers were forced to carry ammunition for government soldiers and those who couldn’t carry the soldiers’ belongings had to pay 50 Yuan , said a local source.