Burmese government’s 13th L.I.B soldiers gang-raped a mother of four

88th L.I.D (Myanmar Army)

Hpaugyi Htu San, a mother of four, was gang-raped by Burmese army soldiers from Chauk-based 13th L.I.B led by Major Kyaw Moe Aung on Nov 1. Government soldiers raped  Htu San at her own home  in Hkaqsan village, located on Kamaing-Mogaung road.

13th L.I.B is an Infantry Battalion under infamous Magyway-based 88th L.I.D which is carrying out grave human rights violations against local civilians. Local residents say Burmese soldiers from 13th L.I.B are killing their domestic animals such as chickens and cows, and robbing their properties. Hkaqsan villagers are now confined in their own village and not allowed to go outside their village by Maj. Kyaw Moe Aung and his soldiers.

On Oct 25, the same soldiers from 13th L.I.B robbed civilians’ properties including money and destroyed houses in Manden and Nam-sheng villages on their way to the front line. Government soldiers travel by narrow local trails avoiding main road and enter small villages along the way, said a local resident.

Local Kachin civilians have undergone bitter experiences under Thein Sein-led quasi-civilian government backed by Burmese army while international community is praising for reforms taking place in lower Burma. Grave human rights abuses such as extrajudicial killings, ganged rapes, and arbitrary arrests have been regularly reported from Kachin villages since the beginning of renewed civil war in June of last year.


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