Aung La Nsang: I dedicated my fight to the Kachin

Aung La Nsang holding Kachin national flag after knocking out his opponent

Nsang Aung La, a 27 year-old Myitkyina native became a sensation among Kachin on social media site Facebook after his knockout of Jason Louck at the Dover Downs Hotel and Casino in Dover, Delaware on Oct 13. Aung La capped CFFC 17 with a decisive right hook at 3:53 of the first round.

Aung La rightly predicted his win at the prefight interview stating, “Knock out in the 1st round by my right hand. This was the game plan and to me I had no other choice but to end the fight with a knock out. I was going to live and die by the sword of my right hand.” He said, “I dedicated my fight on October 13th to my people, the Kachin. A portion of my prize money along with the money from my sponsors and tickets sales will be sent to the Kachin refugees.  I know I cannot solve the problem but this is my way of saying to my people, who are suffering, that I heard their cries.  I envisioned the oppressors of the Kachin in the eyes of my opponent on Saturday night and the passion and emotion generated by this image led me to victory. I am so very proud of my culture and of my fellow Kachin. I will continue to fight in their honor until I have a title and platform to create awareness for the kachins.”

Aung La’s holding up Kachin national flag immediately after knocking out his opponent became a talking point among Kachin living both inside Burma and abroad. “At the moment after I won and was holding the Kachin national flag, I felt extremely proud and accomplished. I felt like all the hard work paid off. I am so sorry the flag was upside down. I was not thinking and overlooked the orientation of the flag.” Aung La told Kachinland News.

In a comment made on Aung La’s victory, AussieKachin said, “In light of all the tragedies and atrocities back home in Kachin land, Aung La has brought pride, hope and a smile on Kachin people. More importantly his fight has highlighted the Kachin plight to the world and put the map of Kachinland on top of the world. He is truly inspirational to all Kachin and our future Kachin generation. He is simply modern day Kachin hero. a piece of Kachin history that the world has seen.”

Aung La said he will donate a portion of prize money to Kachin refugees. He said, “I just want them to know that it’s not much but I will keep fighting for them.” His next fight will most likely be in late January or early February of coming year.


Dawmg hkawn n htang byin taw ai sum la hpe jahkrat kau nna sumla ning nan bai bamg la mu lo.. Dawg hkawn n htang chyu myi hta dau nga ai.. Sumla nimgnan bai galai bang la ga lo. Aung La a myit masim a matu grai arawng la ai yaw. Grai mung hkung ga bau jaw dat ai. Almighty God Aung La hpe Awng dang a nhtoi.ning nan gahtap jaw na La nga taw sai kam n ngai. JW shani galu kaba ai Mungkan ting dan dawng wa u ga. Amen.

Jing Hpaw Spirit nan rai sai. Asam rawng ai Nimg baw myu hpan ni nan rai ai lo. Praise the Lord. We lift up your name on high Lord!

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