Burmese government army instructed to ignore orders

KIA officer (photo: Kachin Media)

Fierce battles between Kachin Independence Army and Burmese government army continue to rage in Kachin and Northern Shan State as more Burmese troops are being deployed in KIA’s territory. Burmese government soldiers under Thaton-based44th LID, Hmawbi-based 77th LID, Magway-based 88th LID, and Meiktila-based 99th LID have been continuously transported to Kachin and Shan State despite calls for peace from quasi-civilian government.

A battle took place between a KIA’s mobile column and Burmese army’s 37th LIB at Galang Ja village located between Seng Mai and Ta Law Gyi on Aug 16 at 8 am.

Another battle took place between KIA’s 3rd Battalion under 5th Brigade and Burmese army’s 88th LID at San Pai village on Aug 16.

Another front in Northern Shan State, KIA soldiers from 34th Battalion under 4th Brigade have fought government soldiers under Burmese army’s North Eastern Command based in Lashio on Aug 16.

On Aug 15, KIA’s capital security forces fought against Burmese army’s 390th LIR for four hours beginning 12 noon near Namsan-yang village. Burmese Army’s artillery unit stationed at Dum Bang hill and Lai Lum Awng Ja have reportedly pounded with 81 mm mortar shells onto Namsan-yang village for 15 times and Burmese army’s Gang Dau Yang base fired 105 mm mortar shells for at least 17 times.

Burmese president Thein Sein has ordered twice to halt offensive operations against KIO but Burmese army escalates the Kachin war by sending more troops from lower Burma. An informed source says that Burmese army has also been instructed to ignore all orders and focus on its military operations regardless of changing political situations.

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